Maverick Capital Foundation aims to meaningfully improve the lives of others by identifying, funding, and partnering with the most effective non-profits working to help those in need. By pairing gifts of time and money, we believe we can deeply benefit both the charitable organizations with which we work and instill a culture of giving within Maverick.

About Us

Board Leadership

Alex Rafal

MCF Board Chair

Jaimin Shah

MCF Vice-Chair

Jordan Day

Dallas Board Chair

Steve Kapp

Philadelphia Board Chair

Matt Kinsella

San Francisco Board Chair

Board Leadership

Our board is comprised of current and former staff members at the firm and closely affiliated partners. Employees across every department and region at Maverick Capital are encouraged to join the board. MCF regions hold board meetings 4-6 times per year to discuss grantee renewals as well as potential new grants. In New York, 1-3 board members become liaisons to collaborate with the director and board chair in evaluating and awarding a grant annually.


Core Principles

We Invest in People

We know that talented people are essential to any high functioning organization and believe the best relationships are partnerships.

Data Matters

We focus on measurable outcomes. The most effective nonprofits use relevant metrics to support key decisions for the organization and their clients.

Long-Term Goals

We understand the importance of stable funding. While MCF grantees must reapply annually and go through a rigorous evaluation process, our desire is to keep them in the portfolio and build capacity long-term.

Focus on Poverty

We seek organizations working to alleviate or eradicate some component of poverty within the regions in which we do business.

Frequently Asked Questions

MCF primarily funds non-profits in New York City. However, we also fund organizations in Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco where Maverick employees work and reside.
MCF board members include current and former staff members at the firm and closely affiliated partners.
We love learning about new non-profits, but at this time, proposals are by request only. MCF does not accept unsolicited applications.
Maverick Capital generously covers all operating expenses for MCF, so all donations to MCF can go to non-profits helping those in need.

Please note that Maverick Capital Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Time permitting, we are more than happy to connect with potential partners or answer any questions you may have.

Thank you!